Helena’s Family Holiday Portraits in Tuscany Countryside

Helena’s Family Holiday Portraits in Tuscany Countryside

About the project

I think one of the most beautiful things you can do is a sunset walk through the Chianti hills. The tranquillity that pervades these countryside, where an ancestral painter seems to have enjoyed painting olive groves and vineyards following an incomprehensible to us, invite to rediscover our senses, often obscured by the frenetic daily life. And then the smells, the scents of summer, the reassuring buzz of cicadas, the distant sounds of country life…yes, I know, I’m definitely not saying something new, but every time I think about it and every time that I’m immersed in these places it’s always a bit like it was the first time.

Thanks to HELENA and her Family, a nice U.S. family on holiday in Tuscany, I was able to taste again one of these moments, with the good fortune of having known a new family! I met them at their lodging, a beautiful Villa on top of a hill near San Casciano Val di Pesa, between Florence and Siena. After a dip in the pool of the two sons, we took a walk around the house, naturally having fun and creating a beautiful photographic memory of their vacation.


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