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Engagement photography

A memory of your engagement

Engagement photo shoot, couple photo session, pre-wedding session, adventure session…whatever the way you call it, it is the perfect way to capture this important moment in your lives.
You got engaged! A wave of emotions, questions, expectations for the future start to bounce inside of you. The adventure that will take you to the wedding is officially started.
And here I would give you a suggestion. A memory of your engagement documented within a couple photo shoot. Simple, huh? Choose a dear place, dress casual and comfy clothes, fill up with relax, joy, happiness. More than a photo shoot, it must be thought of as a game to do together in front of a camera held by an old friend (that can be joked at any time, of course!)

same sex engagement session in florence
engagement session in florence

It is not a challenging…unless you want to climb on the peak of a mountain. I will be with you in both cases. You will not have to do fake and embarrassing poses…unless you want to show me the clown in you. Probably you are wondering what will expect you: only what you want to show me. And I will be very pleased to observe (and photograph) your personality. From the most intimate aspect to the craziest one. I will give you some suggestions, but you can always ignore them and do the opposite.
I will help you to get comfortable in front of that infernal machine that I hold in my hands.
Around your wedding, of course there are other crucial moments, ideal to be remembered with photos. Eg. a surprise marriage proposal, a unique moment to capture emotions on the face of your partner, or a honeymoon photo shoot.
Locations can be endless. Where took place the love promise or your first kiss, during your vacation in Tuscany, immersed in the beautiful Italian countryside among olive groves and vineyards, in a romantic medieval city, in wild place for an adventure session… I am ready to reach you in Italy and abroad, wherever you want between the north and the south pole.

let’s go create something really special together!

With a couple session we have also a great opportunity. If you have chosen me to narrate your wedding (yeah!), you will get to know your photographer. You can test my validity as a human and professional and, what should not be underestimated, you will be reassured by how beautiful you will be in pictures! In turn, it also allows me to know you and connect with your personality.
And now that we have the photos done? You can jealously guard them just for your eyes or share them with the world. It is up to you! Many couples use them for save the date, gifts, wedding slideshow, and all that your imagination will tell you.

I’m curious to know if I’m the perfect fit to photograph your love story. Just tell me a little bit about yourself and your dreams: let’s go create something really special together!
I can’t wait to hear your story 🙂

So, what are you waiting for?

Let me get on board, I’m really looking forward to embark on an unforgettable journey with you!