Elopement in the Italian Alps | Intimate Ceremony on Lake Malciaussia

Elopement in the Italian Alps | Intimate Ceremony on Lake Malciaussia

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It takes patience to tell you this story. Yes, I’m not kidding. We have to go up high, and it takes a long time. The road to get there is really impervious. It puts a strain on those who suffer from vertigo and overhangs.
But, as many wise people have said throughout history, beauty resides everywhere, even in the most inaccessible and little-known places such as Lake Malciaussia, nestled at 1800 m between the Alps of the Valle di Viù.
The indomitable beauty of mother nature. The sharp beauty of the clear high mountain sun. The beauty of the reflections drawn by the wind on the lake waters. The beauty of two souls who have exchanged their promise of love.

Greta and Fabio met on these shores to celebrate their Alps Elopement together with Alessandra, the celebrant. It was probably one of the windiest days of the year and the cold was felt. But when the Amour is strong, its vibrations warm the soul, its beauty makes every obstacle minute.

Before going further, if you are a couple planning your adventure session or ceremony and you’re looking for an Alps and Dolomites wedding and elopement photographer, I am ready to accompany you to the highest peaks. Get in touch and tell me your story, I’d be thrilled to photograph you and your beloved!
And now, put on a sweater, good shoes and a great desire to be amazed.

Have a good trip! 🙂

Photography: Sebastian David Bonacchi || Celebrant: AMA Celebrante || Bouquet: Sogno Fiorito || Hair and MUA: Giulia Fogato

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