Long Story Short

Born in Florence, 50% Italian + 50% German [Ja, natürlich, ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen], I am a destination wedding photographer based in Tuscany, close to Florence. Often you can see me in Berlin. I also carry out elopements, surprise proposals, renewal of vows, engagements and families photo shoots. I perform services throughout Italy and abroad: I love traveling wherever there is a love story to tell.

sebastian david bonacchi wedding photographer in tuscany and italy


If I had to describe myself with a sentence, I would say that I’m a funny man child wandering the world and, obviously, with a lot of self-irony.
Well, even if I’m no longer a teenager, I always try to live life like a child would. Curiosity, desire to travel, discover and know new places and people, wondering the many beauties of life. Always open minded. I believe in fantasy and imagination as the maximum expression of freedom.

Self-irony.  The best tool for self-criticism and open-mindedness. What would life be without? It would be a waste of time.

So, why photography? I could tell you that since I was a child I have always been fascinated by…ice cream! Saying “photography” would have been a cliché 😂

Answer is simple. Wedding and portrait photography is the most incredible job in the universe. Telling people’s emotions in their most beautiful and important moments in life is amazing and I’m honored when a couple asks me to document their love in photographs. My photography is all about connection, authenticity, feelings.

Random Facts

・I studied visual anthropology and I liked using the name sebapithecus. You can continue to call me with this name if you like. If you look for me on skype, you will find me with this pseudonym.
・I have had the citizenship of a nation that no longer exists, the DDR, German Democratic Republic. I jealously keep my pieces of wall and the old passport, they are a great help to always remember myself how important individual freedom is.
・While working at the PC I listen to the most varied music (which is not a big news, I know), usually inspired by the mood you show me in the picture. If you want to connect to an even higher level with me, let me have your favorite playlist. My soul belongs to the '60s -' 70s, but I am open-music-minded.


  • Being active with body and mind.
  • Equality. Equality is quality. The freedom to express and live according to one’s own thoughts in full respect of the other.
  • Get lost in everything I don’t know around the world.
  • All I can do in water, my element. I played Underwater Rugby for many years, my nick was Panzer.
  • Cooking, experimenting new recipes (and eating it!). Let me taste a better Apfelstrudel than mine and I will become your slave.
  • Run naked in the snow.
  • Narrate, also, with the pen. One day I will write a dystopian/apocalyptic science fiction novel.
  • My ’60/’70 flower power shirts.


  • Racism, violence, sexism and everything that makes a person believe he is superior to the other.
  • I vividly remember the many times I have crossed the Berlin Wall as a child, I hate whatever wall is built to divide people.
  • Fast/pre-packaged food and carrots. Especially cooked, you can torture me with it.
  • Spend the nights thinking and elaborating ideas and don’t remember in the morning all the geniuses that came to my mind.
  • Parents who don’t take care of their children.
  • Spoilers on books and movies.
  • The word “Selfie”. A horrifying word! It is an usurper. Don’t try to say it, I could answer by spanking you. Self-Portrait is the only word that can be heard by my ears.

I will not ask you in any way to take embarrassing pictures. With great pleasure I will do it for you. (ok, I won’t stop you if you want)


So, what are you waiting for?

Let me get on board, I’m really looking forward to embark on an unforgettable journey with you!