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Faq wedding

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Question to ask your Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Welcome to this page where I have collected the Most Frequent Questions I receive by the couples. In addition, there are other very useful questions that you don’t normally ask me, but important and to be taken into consideration. I am sure you will find this guidelines very helpful. If you may have other questions please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to answer you.

tuscany wedding photographer faq
Are you a Professional? Are you insured?
Off Course!
My Italian VAT identification number is IT02290690979.
Only fools are not insured. And those who have no respect for their clients. I am covered by third party liability insurance, according to the laws in force.
Where do you live? Where do you work?
Good question, let's immediately clarify. I'm based in Montemurlo, Tuscany, a town close to Florence.
Berlin (have you read that I'm half German?) is my second homeI and I go there every chance I get.
I work mainly in Tuscany and all over Italy for destination weddings. And clearly abroad.
Are you available to work abroad?
Absolutely! Traveling to know new places, people and cultures is one of my great passions. Don't be shy, feel free to inquire about your wedding, I would love to be there with you. I am available to reach you wherever you want to celebrate your love, even in the most remote and wild areas of the planet...and of the universe, when it will be possible to travel in space!
Are there any particular places or conditions in which you would not want to photograph us?
Honestly there is no place that I would not like to see and photograph. Whether it's an agritourism, villa, castle, forest hut, from the high mountains to the sea and below (I'm equipped!). What really matters are the emotions that you will emanate in the chosen place. If you get involved, I will be with you.
Do you charge travel expenses?
If your wedding will take place in the Florence area, I don't foresee any expenses. For the other areas of Tuscany, Italy and abroad, I ask the bare minimum for transportation (car and/or flights) and accommodation (if needed). I am an easy going guy and if I have to stay out for more days, I am open to stay with you or share accommodation with relatives or friends. What I can do to save money, I will do it. Just let me know your schedule and I will estimate these expenses.
Do you photograph only classic weddings? Or also other types of ceremonies?
Whether your ceremony is religious, civil, symbolic, elopement, renewal of vows, LGBT, when it comes to celebrating love, I will always be involved. Do it your way!
How would you describe your style and approach?
I like the word natural reportage, since it describes my way of being and seeing. In other words, a creative photojournalistic style. An intimate storytelling that allows me to document spontaneously your emotions, the mood, the vibes that I feel during the day to create timeless memories for you and your loved ones. I want to leave you free to enjoy the day with your guests. I like being seen as a friend who, without interfering, is ready to record everything that happens, highlighting the crucial moments as well as without forgetting the little details that make the narrative more complete and special. Natural light is very important to me and additional lighting will be used only if necessary or for creative pictures. And poses? Formals? Read below.
We feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. What can we do?
No Panic, Keep Calm and Enjoy Your Wedding! I am a calm and polite person, I really care to be discreet and unobtrusive, even when I follow you closely. This is the basis of wedding storytelling, narrating without disturbing.
On homepage you wrote “no awkward poses”. So...you will not even make a posed portrait?
Sure, I will make you beautiful portraits. Because reportage doesn't mean that we can't do anything else.
No awkward poses, a bit of a provocation to say that I don't like fake poses, those that are too constructed, when they are not part of one's personality. You don't have to look like you are not. I will be happy if you love to get involved in creating some amazing creative couple portraits. I know well that being photographed is not natural to most of us, not even to all the people you see portrayed in my photos. So you don't have to worry if you feel strange by it, it is my job to make you feel at ease. You will be free to go wild and play to show your romantic, adventurous, crazy...side of your personality. And it will be an amazing experience!
Think of the session more like a friendly dialogue in which we will laugh, we will joke and if I see a particular situation I will give you some suggestions, which you will be free to take to the letter or upset.
And Formals Portraits?
It is important to remember that the reportage style does not guarantee the presence of all the guests within the photographs. If you would like to ensure that all the guests are photographed please ask me for group photos with your parents and guests. To better organize this photo session, a good idea is to have a written list with every individual groups you'd like to include (parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, best man, bridesmaids, friends, etc) and nominate a guests to gather all the groups.
Do you photograph only us or even the guests, the details, the places...?
As a wedding storyteller, I like to write like a novel. There are the protagonists – yes, you, the wedding couple! – and all the variegated world around them, made up of people (guests), places, details (dress, rings, decorations, flowers, tableware, buffet, confetti...), up to the strange and funny, unplanned details and moments that make the story more sparkling. I aim to help you remember those moments you experienced firsthand, as well as everything that happens around you and that maybe you missed.
Do you shoot with a second photographer?
I am used to photographing both alone and in two. For full day coverage I always recommend the presence of 2 photographers. A second professional photographer allows you to have a more complete story, especially for full day weddings and with many guests. There is a situations in which being in two is essential: if you wish to be both followed during get ready and if these take place in two different places.
In any case, once I know the details of your day, I will tell you if it is advisable its presence or not.
How many photos do you take? Will you professionally edit all the photos?
I don't set any limit in the pictures that I will take. The more interesting things there are to photograph, the more photos I will make and deliver. If you sit for 10 hours looking at your smartphone...you understand what I mean 😀
Once I get home with your photos, my work has just begun. Selecting and editing photos is one of the most important and challenging part of my photography process, it requires its time, even many days. Assuming that I have to get the right picture in the camera, editing means adjusting skin tones, contrast, highlight, shadows, etc. I don't run bulk action, every selected photo will individually and professionally processed to ensure the best results.
From all the photo that I will take during the whole wedding day, you don’t need duplicate photos, test shots, out of focused images, one eye opened and one half closed, tongue out while moistening the lips and so on. I strongly believe in giving you the best of the best without boring you with these mentioned photos.
How long must we wait? How will they be delivered?
Depending on the hours coverage, the amount of photos and the time of year (low/high season), the delivery time varies from 30 to 120 working days.
I'll create a private password-protected gallery in my client area where you can download them all. You will get Jpg files, one full-resolution copy for printing and one low-resolution copy for web sharing. Files are not watermarked and you can print wherever you want.
You will also have the opportunity to independently order prints, wall art and keepsakes directly from your gallery/client area.
Do you provide color and/or black and white photos?
Sure. Both in color and in black and white. I carefully choose the photos that best suit one or the other. I already prefigure the final image when I shoot the photograph itself, thinking it in color or black and white.
I am a B&W lover, and I still dream of a client who tells me: "we want them all in black and white". If you have this thought, don't hesitate to contact me, I could “melt away” from happiness!
Do we have rights to our photo? Can we print them?
Sure, you have royalty free reprints rights. You can personally print your photos wherever you want. However, as is standard in photography, you don’t have the right to sell the images for profit or to publish your images anywhere without mentioning my name.
Moreover, you will have the opportunity to independently order prints, wall art and keepsakes directly from your gallery/client area. Also a nice idea to send gifts to your loved ones around the world, thanks to the affiliated professional labs.
What about the model release? What is that exactly?
Is the permission you give to a photographer to publish your picture on his website, socials, contest. This aspect is very important: without the opportunity to show to future clients my works, there would be no photographs on this site and you could not judge my work. Web presence is my only showcase. Without, it would be like having the shop shutter permanently lowered.
For this reason, all of my services have a release included and prices are reduced. Clearly, if you decide not to give the release is fine too. In this case there is a fee to add to the agreed price for my service.
Do you deliver also RAW files?
RAW files, the digital negatives, are the format in which photographs are taken. As they are, they can't be used and must be edited to get the common Jpg files for printing.
My answer is...nope. Sorry. It is the simplest and most honest answer. I can't give away an unfinished picture, without having acquired the "character" that I thought at the time of shooting. Making an analogy, the raw file as an unripe fruit and the edited photo is a fruit that, pampered by the sun, is now ripe, fragrant, tasty. Which one would you like? 😉
Can you retouch me?
If you want to look like a different person than you are, look like a VIP or an anorexic model...mmmh maybe I'm not the right person for you. Self love, body positivity, if you believe in that, you are on my same wavelength. If, however, something temporary that is not part of you is present mosquito bites, bruises, etc. I will retouch it.
We have some ideas, can you make it happen?
I'm happy to hear your ideas! Sharing one's desires is the best way to make them happen. If there is something in particular, don't wait, contact me and let's start brainstorming!
Can we send you a list of pictures from other photographers that we would like, seen on Instagram, Pinterest...?
Long answer: every couple shown in a unique way their mutual love. Think about your gestures and expressions. Your character. Every wedding is different, even if it takes place in the same location. And different are the guests, the details, the atmosphere of the day. This is what makes every wedding special, and I'm really excited at the idea that I can tell a new adventure. And then, what fun would it be to know the photos that you will get – before your wedding – copying what other couples have done? Last but not least, every photographer has his own style, and even if it is similar to mine, I can't be another person and I can't do his photos.
Short answer: Perhaps it would be appropriate to contact that photographer whose pictures you want to show me? 🙂
Can our guests take pictures and videos?
I always encourage guests to enjoy the party with their own eyes and not through the screen of a smartphone or camera. I am hired to do that!
Guests can take pictures/videos, but they must be very careful not to disturb the official photographer. Very often the guests enter the middle of the frame without realizing it. Would you like to have an important photo, eg. the exchange of rings, ruined by a selfie stick or a tablet that suddenly appears hiding my view? Not me.
One of my dreams is to be part of a unplugged wedding: if you are organizing one and you don't hire me...I will be there anyway as an infiltrated guest!
Should we provide a meal for you and the second photographer (if any)?
Yes, please, I'm not a robot 🙂
Specifically, I request it for full-day weddings (<8 hours). A table with water and a meal are needed to recharge batteries before the wedding party. I know, very interesting things happen during lunch/dinner (eg speeches). I say this to assure you that I will always be ready to photograph these moments and that I will not spend the time with my legs resting on the table! (to be clear, I never do it, even at home!)
For services shorter than 8 hours, we will agree together according to the schedule whether to provide it or not.
What happens if it rains?
Don't worry and trust me! Think for a moment about what wedding means. Two hearts burning like the sun, attracted to each other, that finally come together. How would you call him? Big Bang, isn't it? What can rain, storm, against the Bing Bang? Nothing!
I always encourage embracing whatever weather comes on our way. I find that rain has a very intimate and romantic side, which can be used for very beautiful and creative photos. It is your day and I will make the rain special to you. And if the conditions will be extreme, we will find a way to take advantage from indoor and repaired places.
What gear do you use? What happens if your gear has a problem?
The main tool that I couldn't do without is...my brain and my senses! I say this because I don't think that gear will be the reason that will make you choose me.
That said, I use professional Canon equipment and always have spare cameras/lenses with me. The same for your files, I've several redundant backups to avoid any files loss.
What are your packages and prices?
Feel free to inquire and I will give you all the info. My packages start from 2/3 hours until full day coverage, from getting ready to party. I'm happy to further customize service and quote based on your needs.
It will be greatly appreciated if you describe, in your own words, how you would like your wedding to be, your wishes, your story. In short, I love getting to know you and connecting with your world. As well as all the organizational details about the locations, the times, the number of guests, special moments during the day, etc, which can also be provided by the wedding planner, if any.
If you still don't have a precise program and you want to get an idea of the packages, don't worry, I always include all the options/prices in my replies.
If on the wedding day we ask you to stay longer than agreed, can you do it?
Yes, I can extend the agreed hours. I will let you know the additional hourly rate before the wedding. So, if there are any delays in the schedule and/or if you want me to stay longer, you can ask me also during the wedding day. Coverage of extra hours can be paid after the wedding.
Are you a member of professional photography organisations? Do you have any reviews?
I am very proud to be part of the ANFM, the most important of Italian wedding photographers association, as selected member. The main requirements to be part of it is fairness, transparency and professionalism towards the customer. I'm also mentioned by Zankyou Wedding magazine among the 10 best wedding photographers in Tuscany.
Internationally, I am a member of Fearless Photographers and MyWed.
You can read my reviews here.
Do you make albums/books?
Yes, a printed photo has a much higher meaning than seeing it on a screen. It makes your memories more tangible. You can decide to print independently or, with my support, we can make an album or a book. I rely myself on Italian companies that provide high quality products. I can also provide enlargements and other printed products.
Possibilities are almost endless, ask me and we will find the best solution for your wishes. Take a look here.
Do you do offer videography?
I am a photographer fully focused on this job. I couldn't do videography at the same time. Anyway feel free to inquire and I'd be more than happy to suggest some trusted colleagues specialized in wedding cinematography.
Do you photograph other weddings or events during the same day as mine?
Absolutely NO! If you have booked me, I will be available only for you.
Can we meet? Even before booking?
Sure, if you come to visit Italy and you will be in areas close to Florence and Rome, or you will do a site inspection close to these areas, I will be happy to meet you in person. Otherwise, we can always use Skype/Whatsapp for a chat.
How long in advance should I book?
The sooner it is, the better it is to organize perfectly the photo shoot and be sure that I'm available for your date.
We would like to take some time to decide. Can you reserve the date and notify us if in the meantime you are asked for availability for another service on the same day?
I'm sorry but it is not possible. I receive many requests and it would be impossible for me to take note of all the dates and then having to recontact the undecided couples. If it's about 1 or 2 days I can do it, but I have to give priority to those couples who confirm with a deposit and a signed agreement.
Ok, we want you as our photographer! What are the next steps?
Great! To book your wedding date I need a signed agreement and a 30% deposit. The balance due within the wedding date. Once booked, we will begin to organize every detail. If your decision to hire me will come just when you are in Tuscany or Rome, let’s meet for a Prosecco and we talk about in person! In addition, if you rely on a wedding planners, I will be happy to cooperate directly with them.
What happens after we've booked you, what should we do?
Simply relax, the photo shoot is booked! For full day weddings, I will send you a simple questionnaire through which you can share with me all the details. That's all!
On your wedding day, I want you to focus exclusively on one thing: spend the day having fun 😉
Is there any reason why we shouldn't ask you to be our photographer?
Well, only you can answer this question. If no emotions have arisen while you were looking at my photos and you don't feel in “synthony” with my way of being and seeing, it could be a reason.
But if you have the slightest doubt that maybe I could be the right guy for you, contact me and we will find it out together.

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