Joanna+Giampiero | Romantic Engagement in Rome

Joanna+Giampiero | Romantic Engagement in Rome

About the project

We say it immediately: JOANNA+GIAMPIERO haven’t done it on purpose. To do what? Naturally to dress in red and white, the colors of their flag. We realized it shortly after our meeting at their hotel in the historic center of Rome…”We are dressed with the colors of our flag!”

Coming from Canada, Giampiero – whose Italian origins can’t be hidden – led for the first time Joanna to know Italy. They choose Rome to bring home a nice memory, an engagement photo shoot. And not only a gift, they will use these photos as part of the setting up of their wedding in Canada.

September. Perfect weather. A nice walk in many of the most fascinating areas of Rome, between late afternoon and early evening. From Piazza Campo de’ Fiori to Piazza Navona, from the Lungotevere to Castel Sant’Angelo, where the sunset was waiting for us. As soon as the night lights rise up, Rome becomes intimate: an atmosphere that I recommend to everyone to breathe. After some nice photos framed by the Tiber River and St. Peter’s Basilica, we came back to Piazza Navona to “put the cherry” (as we say in Italy) of this wonderful day.

Here’s a selection of the best pictures.


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