Sara’s Family Session in Pienza, Val d’Orcia

Sara’s Family Session in Pienza, Val d’Orcia

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Always see the positive side. It is raining? It’s fun anyway and, above all, it’s the only “price” to see a magical rainbow over the Val d’Orcia. The first time even for me, I had never seen one on the green hills around Pienza.

I met Sara, her husband, their two (lovely!) twins and the grandmother in town. Weather changed from minute to minute, but our brave family was not intimidated. During moments of calm we wandered among the ancient streets of the town and its stunning views. When the drops fell, we sheltered in an ancient cloister, naturally having fun while photographing.

At a certain point, walking along a panoramic terrace, the sun thanked us creating one of the most beautiful rainbows ever seen!

But that’s not all, we wanted to finish the session with some beautiful photographic memories taken in the countryside below Pienza. And a few minutes later we were there!

The weather continued to play with us alternating rain and sun slices, lights and shadows created a unique mood on the green hills. But wet grass and mud are nothing if you let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of these places: we continued to enjoy ourselves up to the last photos, dedicated to mom and dad. An intimate moment just for them.

Hurrah for the brave families who stop at nothing and allow their children to discover the world in all its aspects 😉


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