Birthday + Wedding Anniversary Party in the heart of Tuscany

Birthday + Wedding Anniversary Party in the heart of Tuscany

About the project

The Fort family has chosen Panzano in Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany, to bring together the whole family on the occasion of their daughter’s 10th wedding anniversary. And given that math is not an opinion – as we say in Italy and probably in many other countries – even her 40th birthday!

Shortly before arrival, when I stopped for a moment on the road to take a picture of the town (the first you will see), the weather was not good at all. Heavy clouds, the rain that had already soaked the ground abundantly. Just a few meters were enough and, as if by magic, as soon as I arrived at Villa Pecille, the sky started to open and the sun peeping out. And as you know, the sky after the rain is one of the most beautiful you could wish for.

I also have an explanation…let’s say…a little more magical rather than meteorological. And therefore surely the right one: children, lots of children, ready to celebrate together with adults this beautiful day. With all these little ones full of joy and energy, it was not possible for the sun not to take part šŸ˜€

I really enjoyed photographing this beautiful family framed by stunning hills…and many liters of excellent Chianti still hanging in the vineyards šŸ˜‰

Here is a selection of the most exciting moments.


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